What Is The Difference?

Of course you have noticed that this site is called Cryptolysis.com and you are probably wondering what the difference between cryptolysis and  a tonsillectomy is. If you are confused don’t worry, that’s why we are here.

Your confusion probably stems from the use of the word “tonsillectomy” which usually communicates the idea of your tonsils being removed. Well you are right, the suffix “ectomy” is taken from the Greek meaning of “act of cutting out”. Over the years the phrase tonsillectomy has been associated with the more traditional procedure of completely removing the tonsils.

Cryptolysis is a subset of the traditional tonsillectomy in that it has to do with removing part of the tonsils. There are currently several different methods that a doctor can use to perform a cryptolysis including: lasers and radiofrequency. These two methods are by far the most popular and most effective.

For more information about the differences between the various cryptolysis procedures you can visit our glossary here.