Cryptolysis Vs Tonsillectomy

Cryptolysis has been lately gaining the attention of physicians and patients and is almost always compared to tonsillectomy as a line of treatment for many tonsil related disorders. Cryptolysis is gaining more acceptance because it is a very simple procedure as compared to the invasive nature of tonsillectomy. So, when should cryptolysis be considered a  superior choice to a traditional tonsillectomy?

Cryptolysis is a minor procedure that is performed to destroy the crypts that are present on the surface of the tonsils. Those crypts are small pits that accumulate food particles which create a perfect environment for sulfur producing bacteria which start producing fetid compounds that lead to bad breath or halitosis. Moreover, crypts can lead to the formation of tonsil stones which increase the rate of acute tonsillitis in some patients. Cryptolysis eliminates the crypts which prevents stone formation and eliminates the sulfur producing bacteria which pile up in the base of these crypts.

Cryptolysis is a simple procedure that requires only local anesthesia. On the other hand, tonsillectomy is an invasive surgical procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. Cryptolysis is completed in 30 minutes in most cases and most patients are capable of returning to their everyday activities immediately after undergoing the procedure. Cryptolysis is rather cheap as compared to tonsillectomy. In almost all states, cryptolysis costs less than one tenth of the price for tonsillectomy. Most importantly, Cryptolysis preserves the tissues of the tonsils. The tonsils are parts of our immune system. The tonsils function mainly as an antigen presenting lymphoid organ. In some patients, especially children under 4 years, preservation of the tonsils is vital; hence, cryptolysis would be the right choice for those patients.

Occasionally, tonsillectomy is the right treatment option for selected patients. If tonsil stones are not present and the patient complains from repeated attacks of bacterial tonsillitis that affect the quality of his/her life, tonsillectomy should be performed. Nonetheless, if tonsil stones are present, cryptolysis should be thought of as the treatment of choice for those patients. Consultation of a physician is necessary to check if cryptolysis is the treatment of choice for your problems.