Laser cryptolysis is a novel line of treatment that has been proposed to treat bad breath that is caused by chronic fetid tonsillitis and tonsil stones. Patients with chronic fetid tonsillitis and/or tonsil stones often experience repeated attacks of acute tonsillitis which necessitate repeated courses of antibiotic treatment. Laser cryptolysis completely eliminates tonsil stones and consequently delete the predisposing factors that lead to the increasing rate of attacks of acute tonsillitis in some patients.

Tonsil stones are small white colored stones that get impacted in the tiny crypts that are distributed along the mucosal surface of the tonsils. Those stones are formed of sulfur producing bacteria, cellular debris, food particles and white blood cells. Tonsil stones are considered a focus of infection and usually lead to halitosis, repeated attacks of tonsillitis and a sub-acute state of bacterial toxemia. Some patients with tonsil stones experience frequent attacks of acute bacterial tonsillitis. In those patients, especially in children, the dangers are further more than just a throat infection as repeated attacks of tonsillitis are known to cause rheumatic fever which can seriously damage the heart.

Laser cryptolysis is a perfect treatment of tonsil stones that also decreases the incidence of occurrence of acute attacks of tonsillitis in successfully treated patients. The procedure is based upon utilizing a laser beam to eliminate the crypts of the tonsils which are the main predisposing factor for tonsillar stone formation. On the other hand, laser cryptolysis conserves the tonsillar tissue and the antigen presenting function of the tonsils is almost unaffected by the procedure. With no more than topical anesthesia, laser cryptolysis is performed with no pain or discomfort perceived by the patients.

Occasionally, tonsillectomy is not the right treatment option for patients who suffer from repeated bouts of acute tonsillitis. Tonsillectomy is sometimes not advised to be done in children below 4 years and old patients. Moreover, if tonsil stones are present leading to chronic fetid tonsillitis, laser cryptolysis should be the first line of treatment. A treatment session of laser cryptolysis usually costs far less than the price of tonsillectomy. Some patients need only one treatment session to eliminate their tonsil stones. However, less than a percentage of tonsil stones patients require 3 treatment sessions to completely eliminate their tonsillar stones.

Laser cryptolysis is a rather simple procedure that has proven lately that it can benefit patients with tonsil stones and those who suffer from repeated attacks of acute tonsillitis. The procedure is effective, cheap, painless and simple; thus, it is the best line of treatment for tonsil stones.

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