Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a health problem that is commonly caused by local oral problems. Cryptolysis is a rather new procedure that has been continuously proven to be a successful treatment method for bad breath.

Sometimes, halitosis is resistant to treatment. In such cases, bacteria that produce sulfur compounds settle in the oral cavity of those patients. The tonsils are covered by a mucous membrane that contains crypts which are pocket like invaginations on the surface of their mucosal lining. Food particles can get entrapped in these crypts and this creates a perfect environment for sulfur producing bacteria which start decomposing the food constituents and produce compounds that lead to the unpleasant odor of the breath. Cryptolysis is a procedure that addresses the root of the problem.  Cryptolysis acts by destroying the tonsillar crypts; thus, decreasing the area of the mucosa available for bacteria to settle and start producing their smelly sulfur compounds. Occasionally, cryptolysis is performed on other oral structures that contain numerous crypts such as the gums.

Cryptolysis can be performed using CO2 lasers as well as a new method called coblation. Both methods achieve the same results through different means. The laser method is based on using CO2 laser to raise the temperature of the mucosa of the tonsils which eliminates the crypts without negatively influencing other oral structures. The coblation method uses a low temperature radio frequency device to eliminate the tonsilluar crypts. The procedure is relatively painless and allows the use of  A single session usually lasts around 30 minutes . Typically, patients are completely halitosis-free after a single cryptolysis treatment session. However, some patients may require up to 3 treatment sessions to completely cure their symptoms.

As of late, cryptolysis is considered a very effective treatment line for bad breath. It is also very simple and can be performed in the office with topical anesthesia. The procedure is relatively inexpensive and costs less than 20% than that of a regular tonsillectomy. A recent medical study has shown that 96% of patients with halitosis are completely cured after 3 sessions of cryptolysis. Moreover, patients with tonsil stones and patients who suffer from repeated attacks of tonsil infection usually benefit from cryptolysis.

Cryptolysis is a novel procedure that offers a realistic treatment for bad breath. The procedure involves the use of laser to delete the crypts which are the main predisposing factor underlying treatment resistant halitosis. Cryptolysis is effective, inexpensive and can be performed under local anesthesia.

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